i am going to speak at a graduate class tonight about my career, how i got here, and what i do at the foundation i work for.  i am beyond nervous...i guess i just still see myself as that girl who just got out of college and no one quite trusts yet. like, what would i have to say that could possibly be of interest to people in grad school?! but then i get back into my reality bubble and realize that i've accomplished quite a bit before the age of 30, and might have a few words of wisdom to share.

at any rate, wish me luck, and i hope they like what i have to say :)

also, i hope my face doesn't turn red...fat chance, it always happens.



Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

I feel like that sometimes...like I'm still a girl and then I realize I'm almost 30! I'm sure you'll have quite a bit to share with them. Even better because you can still relate to them.

Mo Pie, Please said...

Good luck! I would be a nervous wreck. But you should be proud of yourself! And if you're in the mood - feel free to pass on some tips to me, ha ha! Thanks for the sweet comment about our wedding!