dreamy weekend

what are you lovelies up to this weekend? i hope to: 1. get some laundry done, 2. cuddle with roxy, 3. catch up with friends! that's it...easy to please ;)

these photos are some more of my hipstamatic fun, i took them on wednesday night while i was waiting for the class i was speaking in to start.  this is the main street garden park in downtown dallas and it's such a neat little spot.  the photos look dreamy because i used the kaimal lens with the dreampop flash, and voila!

i hope you all have a fabulous, dreamy weekend!



Mo Pie, Please said...

Cool pics! Glad your panel discussion went well and that it was easy and laid-back. Enjoy your weekend!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

love the photos....

hugs to roxy

kary and teddy