nothing but flowers

we are really spoiled on our walks lately. the weather has been so beautiful and the flowers are just vibrant! today it's a little bit gloomy but i could use a lazy day so i'm not complaining. and sorry i lied, i completely spaced and forgot to take a shot of our new mint plant. soon friends, soon.

i can tell you, i am so ready for the weekend...with hopes that there will be sun tomorrow, i fully expect to be out in it! my pasty-ness is completely out of control and i'm in serious need of some vitamin d. our apartment is also in serious need of a cleaning so i just may have to do that as well.

so what are you up to this weekend? something fun? lazy? completely bizarre? do tell!


Vic said...

I am being soooo lazy today! You will see in my vlog coming right up! But those flowers are gorgeous! I love flowers! Sooooo breath taking! Happy weekend!

alice's adventures said...

cleaning time! we are having a cupcakes+champagne backyard party tomorrow :) so of course I need to clean the upstairs bathroom that probably no one will use. But its past time for cleaning, so we'll attack it together.
also planning some hiking, sushi, and yummy breakfast hash.

**beautiful flowers steph!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Great reminder to slow down & smell the roses~

Elizabeth said...

We had storms all weekend, so I stayed inside and did nothing, because that's what you do when it storms. You don't go get busy. You sit :)

SogniSorrisi said...

This weekend was exhausting! Your flowers are lovely.