little helper

in our old-but-cute apartment, we have gas heaters.  this means that we can't leave them on while we're not at home, which also means that if someone isn't there all day, it can get pretty darn cold.  today is one of those days - it was 17 degrees this morning and we won't get above freezing all day. stephen is working all day (as am i) so i decided to bring miss roxy with me to work.  she is helping so much :)

here she is on her little pad in my cube.  she's the office joy today! hope you all have a lovely friday and fun weekend!!


ps. stephen totally picked out that sweater for her all on his own, it's grey with pink stripes. 


MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

That is so cute that you brought her to work with you! She's adorable!

alice said...

awww she is such a good pup! and so adorable

country girl said...

I'm so glad you took Roxy with you and didn't leave her in the cold apartment! You#re a good dog mommy :)
Thanks so much for stopping by lately, I really appreciate you.
xo country girl

the real mia said...

What a lil' cutie pie.