happy new year!

hello! well, i'm back in the real world after a nice long vacation including:
  • time with family
  • christmas jubilation
  • road trip with stephen
  • new year's celebration
  • rocking the rockies
  • missing our little roxy

i hope you all had a most memorable time over the holiday and are all getting somewhat back to normal.  i mean, what is normal anyway?! this week i plan on finally taking down christmas decorations and hopefully cleaning my apartment (such a mess and roxy is no help when it comes to cleaning!).  during our 13 hour drive home from denver, stephen and i were talking about resolutions and well, i'm just not sure what mine are.  there are so many things i'd like to improve on in my life, where to start? i'll make a little list and get back to you on that :)

so what's been happening? what did i miss??

i have lots to share with you about our wonderful adventures so stay tuned!
photo from we heart it


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Hi Stephanie and Roxy..LOVE your header..really cute...

thanks for stopping by to visit....

looking forward to more in 2010...

Love Ya !
Kary and Buddy

the real mia said...

I'm with you on those New Year's resolutions. I can never decide what mine should be so I usually just don't make any at all.

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you had a lovely vacation!

mart and lu said...

happy new year to you too! i hope you have a swell 2010. I am so excited for new beginnings.