i can tell that we are gonna be friends

remember when i went to tulsa and hung out with the chickens? well here are some of the film shots of roxy getting to know them.  rox can be really skiddish when it comes to meeting new animals, so i was really surprised that she wasn't scared to approach the pen.  it was also funny that the chickens were so calm around her; they didn't peck or crow at her, just made it up to the fence and checked out the scene.


and i'm kind of loving the contrast in colors on this chicken...who knew they could be so fashionable?


Elizabeth said...

Haha...my aunt has a little dog and chickens that sit on his back (when the dog's in a good mood). Aren't animals funny?

alice said...

chickens are incredibly fashionable! our little esmerelda is a gold laced wyandotte, and she looks half wild! we can't have roosters though, and they are the most stunning :)

stephanie said...

that's so funny, elizabeth! yes animals can be so bizarre!

alice do you have any pictures of esmerelda??