why yes i do love valentine's day

stephen and i haven't really celebrated valentine's day in a while.  since he was in school and working in the service industry, there was just never really time for it.  don't get me wrong, we've given each other chocolates and shmoopy cards and stuff, but the going all out thing just wasn't in the stars for us. but i never was like "oh god i haaaaaate valentine's day!" because i wasn't able to celebrate it with my love. maybe it's because no matter what, i always knew that he was my valentine on this and every other day. maybe it's because really, i am a sap! i like the cards and balloons and teddy bears and all that...down to the little debbie heart-shaped snack cakes. and i especially like that the kiddos do all the fun stuff like card swapping and little roses and secret admirers and such. i think it's adorable. i can't wait till my sister sends me a picture with my niece's loot from school today!

on the flip side, i can appreciate that if you're single or just in a bad relationship, that you could grow to hate this day. so have a night to yourself! there's nothing wrong with a little self-love, especially if it involves movies and ice cream...and wine...or whiskey, whatever you prefer. but for real, it's just one day that everything is red and pink and hearts all over. if you want, just crawl into a hole and ignore it till tomorrow, trust me, it will be gone. next thing you know, it will be mardi gras and we can drink and feast to our hearts content, and then st. paddy's day, and then memorial day and so on and so forth. and hopefully no one will rain on those parades for you. so here, i'm just gonna say it. please stop raining on my valentine's day parade! i fully plan on celebrating this day with stephen and we will be one of those mega-annoying couples going out to dinner tonight - for the first time in years! i will probably even wear something valentine-related. i'm that cheesy.

if you're in love, embrace it. if you're single and loving it (or not loving it) embrace it. it's all up to you. but, from me to you, happy valentine's day. xxoo

(post inspired after viewing the "worst thing about valentine's day"...along with some other hostile facebook posts)

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