live in the present

this morning i started my day with a much needed sunrise yoga practice at my beloved studio with an awesome instructor.  in the beginning of class she talked about not holding on and harboring feelings about things in the past, not worrying about the future, but being here, now. living in the present.  i know it sometimes can be clich√©, but i've really been struggling with this lately.  there is so much uncertainty in my future, and so many things in my past that i can never seem to let go of, that i forget that there is this beautiful day right at this moment. i really need to focus more on the things that are happening right now, instead of fretting over everything else.

it is so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life and lose sight of everything around you at this very moment. i need to work on not stressing over the things i can't change or control, tensing up when trials come my way and instead just letting everything come to me, move through me like my breath.

own it, embrace the chaos that is the present, breathe and let go of all that anxiety and worry.  namaste.

(photo of my lovely friend alice, the mountain yogi)


Alice Noyes said...

oh hi my friend! you are so sweet. speaking of dallas, i am working with some folks at karmany to bring the street yoga teacher training to dfw! its all about mindfulness for dealing with tough shit :) love you

Annie said...

Stephanie! Hey girl! Melissa just told me you have a blog too and I'm so excited I found you! I'm definitely your newest follower. :)

stephanie j said...

thanks annie! i didn't know you were a blogger as well, i am definitely checking that out ;)

alice, my instructor amber (who i'm talking about in this post) teaches also at karmany, that is awesome!! if there is anything i can help with on the ground here in dallas with the street yoga, let me know xxoo