meddlesome moth

last weekend (memorial day wknd), stephen's fam came in town to celebrate the twins' 21st birthday.  one of the brothers, nick, came in on friday to have a little extra fun time and i took him out on the town.  his favorite restaurant here is the meddlesome moth (and who can blame him? that place is phenomenal!!). here are some of my fave shots from our delicious dinner.

yay for ordering tasty beers at dinner! 21!
 eating their delicious "moth balls" small balls of ricotta with amazing texture, baked in a brown butter sauce and garnished with fried sage leaves.........heaven.
 the pork belly - it's shredded, covered in a blackstrap glace and served over yummy corn pancakes.
the corn. oh the corn. mexicali creamed corn...enough said.

top it all off with the "moth sundae" using creamy mint ice cream from local creamery wild about harry's, bananas with a crispy sugar glace and topped with ghirardelli chocolate chips and peanuts...it was a sweet surrender and we were stuffed to the gills afterward.

all in all a lovely birthday dinner :) if you ever get the chance to visit the moth, do so and you will not regret it!

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