tacos! tacos! tacos!

stephen and i recently had a nice little date night and our favorite taco joint in dallas, the rusty taco.

if you are in the area and ever get a chance, try this place out, you will not be disappointed! might i suggest the baja shrimp taco - best thing on the menu.

afterwards, we wanted dessert but weren't sure where to go...we drove by and saw a sign for pokey o's cookies & ice cream and well, how could we resist that?!

yum, yum, yum. ice cream cookie sandwich?! yes, please!


Mo Pie, Please said...

Those taco pics are awesome - such bright colors! I bet it IS a pretty great place, and it makes me want to go eat at this place here called Big Star which is all anyone ever talks about.

Vic said...

i love food! so much that i practically dream about making all this yum but i'm so not talented...that ice cream was on my mind last night...:) great shots