scenes from the weekend

  • when's the last time you saw a real hotel key? (at the basin park hotel)
  • bachelorette shenanigans commence
  • what's a bachelorette without her pimp cup and fingerstache?
  • stairwell on the haunted hotel tour at the crescent hotel
  • creepy hallway & mirror on the tour
  • neat owl/gargoyle on the fireplace in the crescent lobby
the bachelorette weekend was a great success! tons of fun in eureka springs, such a beautiful area with more to do than you would ever expect from such a remote small town ... either that or we were really giving the locals something to talk about... probably a little of both ;)

hope your weekends were lovely!



Vic said...

way to awesome! i love that key! xo

Anna Walker said...

Yayyyy! IT looks like you had a fabulous weekend! Haunted Hotel Tour?! Sounds super awesome!


dulci said...

I love hotels with actual keys!