laissez les bon temps rouler

from the top: 
  • our party sign (my "artwork" lol)
  • the king cake! it was good, but i must admit the one i did last year seemed better, maybe it's just me...
  • my beautiful mom & sister
  • me & my sweetie
  • a sign for our friend george who was stuck in libya and just made it home mid-last week
  • booze towers (sangria, beer, and cramosas - champagne & cranberry, YUM!)
  • a must-have mask for the saints fans 
  • our delicious boiled crawfish fix from sunday
the party and trip were both a great success and it was so wonderful to spend that time with my family!! i'm so glad stephen got to come with and enjoy some time away from the house, his desk and piles of schoolwork.

how was your weekend??


Mo Pie, Please said...

So glad you guys had fun! Stuck in Libya? How awful! Glad he made it home and that he had such a welcoming sign :)

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Such a FUN time!
You look so gorgeous in that photo!!
Sangria cheers to you~