lazy sunday

it snowed here yesterday (well as much snow as you can really get in dallas...) so we decided to stay in and be lazy...i made an executive decision not to get out of my mukluks all day and do nothing but cook, eat, sleep and read.

that is until stephen had the bright idea to go out to ikea...we made out like bandits at their sale and proceeded to come home and redo our entire living room.  so much for the lazy day!! the snow was not enough to get the schools closed so i'm at work wishing that it would snow just a little more so i can have a real "snow day" at home :)

how was your weekend??


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

sounds like my sunday...teddy and i crashed on the couch all day..laaaazzyyyyy day.

sending a hug to little roxy

kary and teddy

Becca said...

I like your lazy sunday!
cool photos. happy times.


Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Sounds like a great Sunday!

Heart Charlie said...

Love the photos, I have the same slippers :) Thanks for the music suggestions btw! I am going to check them out.

Mo Pie, Please said...

If it snows in Dallas, you take advantage of it!

Laura said...

Sounds like me! I decide to try and be lazy but then, of course, other ideas of how to spend the day are introduced and my laziness goes out the window! But a trip to Ikea sounds like a pretty good way to spend your weekend! We're getting some snow here in Baltimore tonight so hopefully it will be enough to give me a snow day tomorrow!