no label


a while back when i got to visit my parents in katy, tx, we attended a fundraising event at the no label brewing co. in downtown katy.  the brewery is housed in an old rice mill and has many of the original signs and fixtures in and around the building.  no label is a brand new brewery so they aren't quite selling on the market yet, but i can assure you we will be first in line when they do! their beers were absolutely delicious. and who wouldn't love a company with the slogan, "we don't need no stinkin' label!"? ha! 

so these are the film shots i captured from the event.  from the top: one of the old notices from the rice mill; the patriotic flags; stirring the hops; pouring the beer; one of the staff of the brewery serving beer; my dad (right) and his friend john talking to gilberto royo, the owner (left).

it was a fantastic time and might i suggest that if you're in the houston/katy area that you check them out!


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

oh...wish i lived closer...

happy to visit here today
hugs to roxy

kary and teddy

Mo Pie, Please said...

Great pictures! Now I want to go to a brewery!