tornado warning

yesterday we had some major storms in the dallas area, complete with a tornado that went right over our apartment. stephen was at work, so i was just watching out the window (hey, i used to live in oklahoma, it's the thing to do). when the warning came on tv i rushed upstairs to tell my neighbors if they wanted to take cover they could come to our apartment. we waited for a little bit until you could hear something like a train or a jet and the house was shaking a bit. we got in our hall closet: us 3 girls, our 2 dogs and 2 cats. it was a nice little getting to know you moment and we all found it a little silly afterward.

there was no damage to our building, but next door a side door was taken off and there were some trees down in our alley. luckily we were all ok and roxy was a brave and hospitable host.

and this is what i do after having a close call with a tornado:

what's your storm protocol?

(oh and ps. my boys start playing today!! who dat!)

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Anonymous said...

I thought of you when I read about it! Seeing that you're the only person I know of who actually lives in Dallas :) Glad to know you're all safe!