viva las vegas

well kiddos and kiddettes, stephen and i will be on a plane to vegas this time tomorrow. we're heading to sin city for the big celebration of our best friends' bachelor & bachelorette extravaganza.  we have friends coming from nashville (the married couple-to-be), tulsa, los angeles and dallas, so it will be quite the reunion as well! since it's been over a year since our entire group has had an adventure together, it's long overdue and we are beyond excited.

it's been about 4 years since i was last in vegas so i'm looking forward to the craziness that is the strip and beyond. i'm a big fan of the freemont experience and the downtown area so hopefully we can take everyone to see that (all of the girls coming are first-timers so it should be a riot!).  have you ever been to vegas? to you like it or leave it? the bright lights, night life, shopping, dining and gambling all draw me in and when i'm there i just can't get enough.  city of excess, right? well i will be sure to tell you all (ok maybe not ALL) about it next week!

oh and have no fear, roxy will be living the good life here while we're gone.

y'all have a great end to your week and a fun, safe weekend!




Vic said...

vegas is spectacular....have loads of fun like you'll need the encouragement...we are hoping to go this winter:) can't wait to see your trip via photos:)

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Have a great trip!!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time, ma'am!

heart charlie said...

I wanna see pictures! I have never been to LV :(