friday helper

i got to bring miss roxy into work today. she's serving as the official mascot today and is available for cuddles, pets and treats :)

here she is on her little pad at my desk.

beware: prolonged exposure can lead to sporadic napping :)

so what are you all up to this weekend? after last, we need some recouping! i'm planning on relaxing as much as possible and hope to catch a movie (for real this time!). but mostly i have to get prepped for a big trip we're taking next week! more on that later. 

hope y'all have a super weekend! stay cool!



Anonymous said...

Roxy is such a cutie! I'm sending her a big hug!

Vic said...

how precious! I would love it if we could get a doggy...asap...this condo living sucks! xoxo

jeana sohn said...

aww roxy looks like pepe in black! sooo cute.