truthful tuesday: shoes & the "commute"

this morning i got ready for work, put on my cute lil dress, and threw everything in my new, fabulous, cross-body bag. i put on my slip-on tennies, grabbed my bike and was out the door. it wasn't until i was pedaling into the office parking lot that i realized i'd forgotten to throw extra shoes in my bag. the funniest part? i came upstairs to see i had a pair of black peep-toe flats in my desk drawer. i guess my future self somehow told my past self to leave those shoes here (a la bill & ted) and here i am, with perfectly matched shoes on a day i forgot to wear them to work.

happy tuesday ... or should i say shoesday?!




Ashley said...

Such a cute photo! And such a funny story--glad your future self took care of you!

Ana said...

Happy shoesday! - even though it is so hot here that I'm wearing havaianas.

MaryBeth Hughes said...

ha! i love that. that has happened to me so many times except i usually find myself sans shoes and am forced to wear my boots. there is a girl at my work that keeps 10 pairs of shoes at work so that she never forgets and always has options!

Anonymous said...

dresses + bikes = magical :)

alice's adventures said...

cute picture! i keep a pair of black flats at my work. always!
so glad bike commuting is working for you awesome chick!
and I also am considering adding to my work - shoe stash.