sign the petition: cut BP's billions in federal contracts!

as you know, i steer clear mostly of politics and whatnot on this blog. but this, this is too much. this oil catastrophe in the gulf is beyond irritating and has become just sickening. being from the gulf coast and seeing it ripped apart because of irresponsible executives playing the blame game just rips my heart out. thankfully, i found this great link on mo pie, please for a petition to urge the EPA to cut federal contracts for BP.
from the petition's site:
BP continues to stonewall the American people about the growing Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf, even while the company is reaping millions of dollars in profits a day from its other federal leases.
shocking, don't you think?! while people on the gulf are suffering personally and in their businesses from this disaster, BP execs continue to avoid responsibility and reap benefits of being the big bad oil biz. not even to mention the immense effect this is having on the wildlife! it's tragic and outrageous! this needs to stop. please go here and sign the petition.

(photos from huffington post)


Mo Pie, Please said...

I saw images on the news last night - it was the first time I had allowed myself to even see them. I cried, seriously. My eyes welled up with tears and I was so angry. I can't believe that they would allow something like this to happen in this day and age. It makes me so sick to my stomach :(

daily mix LA said...

this is just out of control


Mariel Torres said...

how great of you to share this with your readers. i'll sign the petition right now :)

Patricia Snook said...

URgh, I can't believe this disaster. It's completely disgusting that companies and authorities are fine to forget about this.