the trinity

yesterday i texted my mom "for the trinity, yellow onions?" she texted back: "yes - i like sweet ones when i can find them." i chuckled.

no "the trinity?" or "what?" this is the base of all cajun cooking: onion, bell pepper, and celery. only in although many forms of cooking have a starting foundation, but only a cajun-cooking family recognizes "the trinity" as such.

for the superbowl this sunday, in honor of the saints, i shall attempt my very first jambalaya. it's my mom's recipe and i'm equal parts excited and terrified. there is also a special dessert in store but i'm going to wait and surprise you with that one (in hopes that it turns out well). wish me luck!



country girl said...

Interesting, thank you for sharing! Let us know how it turns out.
I get nervous about trying out a new recipe, too.
I'll be making meaty nachos for my husband for the superbowl. Here in Austria it starts at around 2 in the morning. So I'll be trying to stay awake. :)

Andy said...

I've tried jambalaya only once. it turned out okay, my boyfriend liked it (well, that's what he said). haha.

love your blog! follow, follow!


Bubbles von BonBon said...

<3 Go Saints xoxo

SogniSorrisi said...

Cool. Let us know how it goes.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

wow..that's one i have never made...and it sounds so good...

can't wait to see how it turns out....

hugs to roxy

kary and buddy

alice said...

yum! i just noticed on our cilantro bunch, the label had a recipe for "florida jambalaya"

oxymoron or what??? haha

and since when did produce come with recipe ideas?? haha


Certainly appropriate for the Saints!
ahhh the joy of cooking luv it too~

emily said...

let us know how it turns out! i haven't tried that one yet!