during the winter olympics

...i love that i can say things like "i'm so tired! i stayed up way too late watching curling and ice dancing!"


...oh and ski racing too. man those girls are brave!! 

(photo source)


Elizabeth said...

Seriously they make me break out in a sweat they are so brave.

Anonymous said...

uh huh! mee tooo!

MaryBeth Hughes said...

curling consumed by saturday night! i watched it for two hours and still do not know the rules.

SogniSorrisi said...

The athletes are really inspiring, although you wouldn't catch me watching curling. (Does that make me a bad Canadian?)

stephanie said...

haha no way, but i'm sure you would be a bad canadian if you said you don't like hockey!

mary beth - i STILL cannot figure out the rules...but i think it's fascinating! ha!